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Plasma metabolomic biomarkers accurately classify acute mild traumatic brain injury from controls

Fig 2

Athlete cohort preliminary multivariate ROC AUC analysis plots.

Example college athlete cohort (Athletes) receiver operating characteristic (ROC) area under the curve (AUC) analysis results from the MetaboAnalyst 3.0 Explorer function of Biomarker Analysis module, with plots of sensitivity (y-axis) and 1-specificity (x-axis). In A-C, the plots indicate no significant difference between the CAC Preseason mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) and non-concussed subjects (NCS) groups using either (i) Linear support vector machine (SVM), (ii) partial least squares discriminant analysis (PLS-DA), or (iii) random forests methods. ROC AUC values in all three analyses are ~ 0.5. The legend at lower right of each graph indicates AUC and 95% confidence interval (CI) values for derived models using 5–100 analytes (Var.). Plots D-F provide examples of more significant differences between comparison groups, such as between Athlete Preseason NC (non-concussed teammate controls) and the Season NC groups, using the same analytic methods as A-C, but with ROC AUC results ranging from about 0.70 to 0.86.

Fig 2