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Biomarkers associated with low, moderate, and high vastus lateralis muscle hypertrophy following 12 weeks of resistance training

Fig 3

Change in muscle fiber cross sectional area, myonuclear number, and satellite cell number between clusters.

Legend: Main effects of time existed for type I fCSA changes (POST>PRE, p<0.001) (panel a), type II fCSA changes (POST>PRE, p<0.001) (panel b), type I myonuclear number per fiber (POST>PRE, p<0.001) (panel c), type II myonuclear number per fiber (POST>PRE, p<0.001) (panel d), and satellite cell number (POST>PRE, p<0.001) (panel e). However, no cluster effects or cluster×time interactions existed. Data are presented as individual respondent values, bar graph values indicate group mean values, and mean ± standard deviation values are presented below each bar.

Fig 3