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Testing therapeutics in cell-based assays: Factors that influence the apparent potency of drugs

Fig 6

Anti-EBOV activity of toremifene citrate in Vero E6 and Huh 7 cells under different conditions.

(A) Vero E6 cells and (B) Huh 7 cells were infected at varying MOIs with different assay end points and treated with toremifene citrate. EC50s were determined from 8-point dose response curves using the fluorescent assay. (C, D) EC50s of toremifene citrate with corresponding assay end points or MOIs are shown for comparison. Representative graphs from 1 to 4 independent experiments are shown. Abbreviations: EBOV, Ebola virus; EC50, half maximal effective concentration; h, hour; MOI, multiplicity of infection; N.A., not applicable.

Fig 6