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A giant Late Triassic ichthyosaur from the UK and a reinterpretation of the Aust Cliff ‘dinosaurian’ bones

Fig 5

Lilstock ichthyosaur surangular (BRSMG Cg2488).

A. Lateral view of Lilstock surangular. B. Medial view of the same, note the prominent groove for the Meckelian canal. C. Cross-section (anterior view, medial to the left) of the anterior-most portion of the surangular, showing the prominent ridge ventral to the Meckelian groove. D. Dorsal view of the Lilstock surangular. Abbreviations. cp, coronoid process; f, position of an elongated foramen, identified as part of the fossa surangularis, that passes through the bone into the Meckelian canal; m, M.A.M.E. process; Mc, groove for Meckelian canal; vr, ventral ridge. Scale for the surangular equals 50 cm.

Fig 5