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Serologic and behavioral risk survey of workers with wildlife contact in China

Fig 1

Prefecture maps of Guangdong Province, China.

A) 1,267 participants were enrolled at Dabu, Jiaoling, Pingyuan, Lianping, Heping, Lianshan, Lianzhou, Yunfu, Yunan, Xinyi, Deqing and Fengkai (areas colored black). Number of respondents at each prefecture is bracketed; (B) In the brackets, in total 43 (left) seropositive respondents and 45 (right) close contacts of theirs were enrolled in the follow-up phase at Xinyi, Yunan, Fengkai, Lianshan, Lianzhou, Pingyuan, Jiaoling and Dabu (areas colored black). Together, 88 individuals participated in the follow up phase.

Fig 1