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A metagenomic viral discovery approach identifies potential zoonotic and novel mammalian viruses in Neoromicia bats within South Africa

Fig 9

Betacoronavirus full genome phylogeny.

A) The full genome phylogeny of 4 lineages (A-D) of the genus Betacoronavirus constructed using BEAST software with the GTR substitution model using invariant sites and gamma distribution. The MCMC chain was set to 15,000,000 generations sampled every 1500 steps, with a 10% burn-in of the first generated trees and displayed as a radial tree in Figtree. The lineages are indicated with clipart images of host species. Also displayed are the averaged pairwise similarities between lineages as well as highlighted similarities between human coronaviruses and related viruses identified in bats (and other animals). B) Close-up of the external nodes of the lineage B phylogeny to show relative distances of human and civet SARS-CoV strains and SARS-related Rhinolophus strains (WIV1, Rp3, Rm1 and HKU3). C) Close-up of the lineage C external nodes depicting the human and camel MERS strains with the bat MERS-related viruses (BtCoVNeo5038 from this study is indicated with a star). Sequence abbreviations and GenBank accession numbers are listed in S10 Table.

Fig 9