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A metagenomic viral discovery approach identifies potential zoonotic and novel mammalian viruses in Neoromicia bats within South Africa

Fig 6

Neoromicia adenovirus sequences.

A) Overview of confirmed mastadenovirus contigs from the Neoromicia virome created with Velvet and CLC assemblers as they align to a characteristic mastadenovirus genome. The dark grey contig was used in B, along with the amplicons produced by conventional PCR (depicted by the checkered block). B) Bayesian phylogenetic tree of a 237 bp region of the DNA polymerase gene. The phylogeny was constructed in BEAST v1.8 using the Hasegawa, Kishino and Yano (HKY) substitution model plus gamma distribution model suggested by J-model test. The MCMC chain was set to 20,000,000 generations sampled every 2000 steps, with a 10% burn-in of the first generated trees. Adenovirus sequences detected from this study are shown with black circles, and bat species from which adenoviruses originated are indicated on the right side of the sequence names. Posterior probability values of less than 50% were omitted. GenBank accession numbers are shown next to sequences.

Fig 6