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Avian viral surveillance in Victoria, Australia, and detection of two novel avian herpesviruses

Fig 1

PhyML maximum likelihood phylogenetic tree of avian alphaherpesviruses.

Generated from a ClustalW2 alignment [59] of the partial DNA polymerase gene sequences of Podargid alphaherpesvirus 1 and Cacatuid alphaherpesvirus 1 with published avian alphaherpesvirus nucleotide sequences available in GenBank, with the two novel alphaherpesviruses detected in this study highlighted in bold [60]. The GenBank accession numbers for sequences used are included in the tip labels, and Macropodid alphaherpesvirus 1 (highlighted in italics) is included as an outgroup. Branching with greater than 50% support from 100 bootstrap replicates is indicated at major node points. The distances indicated by black horizontal lines correspond to genetic distances, with the scale bar representing nucleotide substitutions/site.

Fig 1