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Asymmetric expression level of clock genes in left vs. right nasal mucosa in humans with and without allergies and in rats: Circadian characteristics and possible contribution to nasal cycle

Fig 1

Representative panels showing the expression of PER1, PER2, CLOCK, and BMAL1 in congested (cong) and decongested (deco) nasal mucosa of normal controls (n = 24) and allergic rhinitis patients (n = 13), which were evaluated by RT-PCR (A, B) and western blot (C). The expression levels of PER1, PER2, CLOCK, and BMAL1 genes using GAPDH (A, D) or EEF1A1 (B, E) as housekeeping gene in congested (cong) and decongested (deco) mucosa of normal controls (white bar) and allergic patients (grey bar) are compared by using real time PCR (D, E). * p <0.05; significantly different as indicated. NS; not significant.

Fig 1