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Full-length genome sequences of porcine epidemic diarrhoea virus strain CV777; Use of NGS to analyse genomic and sub-genomic RNAs

Fig 2

Identical deletions at the junction of the S protein and ORF3 protein coding regions in two PEDV strains.

The PEDVs sequenced by IZSLER and FLI have identical 52 nt deletions which removes the usual termination codon (marked in a box). This can be predicted to result in the removal of 7 amino acids from the C-terminus of the spike protein and the use of a different termination codon (marked in another box) but no extraneous residues will be added to the S protein. In addition, this deletion removes the initiation codon for ORF3 (indicated in italics), which can be expected to result in complete loss of ORF3 protein expression. A single, non-synonymous, nt change (T24757C, resulting in a Y to H substitution) is present in the APHA sequence and is indicated in bold type.

Fig 2