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Development of improved therapeutic mesothelin-based vaccines for pancreatic cancer

Fig 4

Mesothelin expressing viruses induce IFN-γ responses to Panc02 cells.

Mice (n = 5) were infected with MVA, MVAmeso, MVAmesoA35Del (A35Dmeso), or mock infected with PBS, and splenocytes were harvest 1 month later. 100 live Panc02 cells were added to splenocytes and incubated with Panc02 cells for 40 h at 37°C. Plates were then washed and incubated with biotinylated rat anti-mouse IFN-gamma and streptavidin-AP and developed with BCIP. Average numbers are shown + SEM. * MVAmeso and MVAmesoA35Del vaccinated mice had significantly more responding splenocytes (p<0.05) than MVA and PBS treated mice.

Fig 4