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An integrative framework to reevaluate the Neotropical catfish genus Guyanancistrus (Siluriformes: Loricariidae) with particular emphasis on the Guyanancistrus brevispinis complex

Table 3

Main characteristics of the multi-table analysis computed on the restricted data set (n = 51).

Phylogeny: phylogenetic data table; Morphology: morphometric data table; Geography: distribution data table. RV test: pairwise tests of congruence among preliminary analyses. Results reported as RV coefficient of correlation in upper diagonal, and as p-values for α = 0.05 in lower diagonal. NA: comparison of the data table to itself not performed. MCOA: multiple co-inertia analysis. Inertia: maximum inertia projected onto the first two axes of the simple analyses (eigenvalues of the PCoA for the phylogenetic and distributional data, and eigenvalues of PCA for the morphometric data tables). Co-inertia: inertia of the three tables projected onto the first two multiple co-inertia axes. Cos2: correlation between the scores of each table and the synthetic variable of same rank (axes 1 and 2). Cov2: squared covariance between the scores of each table and the synthetic variable of same rank (maximized by the analysis); note that Cov2 provides the contribution of each table to the compromise established by the multiple co-inertia analysis.

Table 3