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The glycoprotein of vesicular stomatitis virus promotes release of virus-like particles from tetherin-positive cells

Fig 4

Mutagenesis of the GXXXG motif in the transmembrane domain of VSV-G.

Schematic representation of the VSV* genome in which the authentic viral open reading frames (ORFs, VSV-N, -P, -M, -G and -L; light grey) are surrounded by non-translated regulatory elements (white). The additional ORF for eGFP (dark grey) was inserted between the ORFs for VSV-G and -L (restriction sites used for cloning and further modification of the genome are highlighted). The transmembrane domain (underlined amino acids) of VSV-G wt contains a GXXXG motif (amino acid residues 473–477) that has been mutated to LXXXL.

Fig 4