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Spectrum of pathogen- and model-specific histopathologies in mouse models of acute pneumonia

Fig 3

Infection with K. pneumoniae.

(A—F) Intratracheal infection of mice with K. pneumoniae (3.5 x 105 CFU/ mouse) resulted in expansive (A), suppurative (B) to abscessing (C) bronchopneumonia as well as neutrophilic interstitial pneumonia (D) with severe alveolar (D, asterisk) and perivascular (E) edema, massive fibrinopurulent and necrotizing pleuritis (F, arrowhead) and steatitis. (A–F) Representative images are shown. Bars (A), 1 mm; (B, D, F), 20 μm; (E), 50 μm; (C), 100 μm.

Fig 3