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Adjuvants and the vaccine response to the DS-Cav1-stabilized fusion glycoprotein of respiratory syncytial virus

Fig 7

Bovine pre-fusion RSV F response in mice and cattle.

Pre-F bovine RSV F DS-Cav1 formulated with two adjuvants was used to immunize mice and calves and resulted in high neutralization titers. Mice were administered DS-Cav1 formulated with Poly(I:C) and SAS + Carbopol, whereas, cattle were administered with an analogous water in oil emulsion, ISA 71 VG-DS-Cav1 formulation and ISA 71 VG + Carbopol–DS-Cav1 formulation. Scatter plots show the geometric mean (numerical value below), each group included 10 mice and 2–5 calves. Level of detection is indicated by a dotted line; and p value for SAS + Carbopol/DS-Cav1 versus the Poly (I:C) formulations in mice as assessed by two-tailed Mann-Whitney test is shown; p = 0.0019. (Control groups without Carbopol were reported previously in ref. [36]).

Fig 7