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Adjuvants and the vaccine response to the DS-Cav1-stabilized fusion glycoprotein of respiratory syncytial virus

Fig 1

Adjuvants augment DS-Cav1 response in mice.

(A) RSV F (pre-F) DS-Cav1 formulated with nine different adjuvants was used to immunize mice at an interval of 3 weeks and (B) neutralization titers for all nine adjuvanted plus the control unadjuvanted groups are shown. Scatter plots show the geometric mean (numerical value below), each group included 10 mice. The palivizumab protective threshold is indicated by a dotted line [10] and p values for SAS + Carbopol/DS-Cav1 versus the other eight adjuvant formulations as assessed by two-tailed Mann-Whitney test and adjusted for multiple comparisons using the Holm-Bonferroni method; p = > 0.05 (ns); p < 0.05 (*); p < 0.01 (**); p < 0.001 (***) are shown. All adjuvanted groups show p < 0.0001 when compared to the no adjuvant group. Associated raw data is reported in S1 Table.

Fig 1