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Epidemic spreading in multiplex networks influenced by opinion exchanges on vaccination

Fig 2

(a) Fraction of recovery individuals R, (b) Fraction of vaccinated individuals V, (c) Magnetization of the opinions Mag and (d) The duration time of the epidemic τ, as a function of the efficiency of the vaccine ω.

Inset: τ (solid line), the derivative of R (dashed line) and the derivative of V (dot dashed line) as a function of the efficiency ω and β = 0.1. From the inset it is clear that the maximum duration of the epidemics corresponds to inflection points in the number of recovered and vaccinated agents. In all cases we set tr = 6 and r = 0.1 for β = 0.1 (○), 0.2 (□), 0.4 (◇), 0.6 (△) and 0.8 (▽). All numerical results correspond to an average over 105 independent realizations.

Fig 2