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Real-time robustness evaluation of regression based myoelectric control against arm position change and donning/doffing

Fig 10

Offline intra- and inter-position performance of the subject with congenital deficiency.

The red, green and blue bards show the R2 values estimated from three test arm positions (P1, P2, and P3), respectively, for the four training positions (P1, P2, P3, and Com). The fundamental trend shown in the able-bodied subjects’ result (Fig 5) is similarly observed, in that intra-position R2 values are generally higher than inter-position ones. Compared to the offline result of the intact-limb subjects (Fig 5), there are two distinct points: 1) P2 test position performs good for all training positions and 2) P3 test position is more severely influenced by the training position (see the performance of P3 test position at P2 and ‘Com’ training positions).

Fig 10