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Ciguatoxicity of Gambierdiscus and Fukuyoa species from the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico

Table 1

The species, strain designations, isolate locations, replicate growth rates and toxicities of the Gambierdiscus and Fukuyoa strains examined in this study.

The citations in the species column indicate where the species was described. The reference(s) under the strain designation indicate other publications where the strain has been studied. Many of the strains analyzed for CTX-like activity in this study were also assayed for maitotoxicity in separate investigations [32, 33]. The strain growth rates (± standard deviation) were determined from triplicate, independent cultures started for each isolate. Mean species growth rates and average toxicities were determined by averaging all replicate culture data for a given species. Toxicity was normalized both as femtograms (fg) CTX3C equivalents [eq.] cell-1 and per biovolume attograms (ag) CTX3C eq. μm-3. Numbers in parentheses in the data cells of the last three columns = coefficient of variation. Correlation coefficients (R2) for the time versus cell number relationships used to the calculate growth rates for each of the cultures exceeded 0.98.

Table 1