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The osteogenic cell surface marker BRIL/IFITM5 is dispensable for bone development and homeostasis in mice

Fig 2

Monitoring of the activity of the Bril knockin LacZ cassette.

A) Whole mount X-Gal staining of Bril KO embryos at stage E13.5, E14.5, E15.5, and E18.5 (scale bar = 0.5mm). B-F) Due to the NLS-LacZ cassette, X-Gal staining on cryosections shows nuclear staining in E15.5 mandible (B), calvaria (C), orbital bone (D), forearm (E), and E17.5 femur (F). G) Quantitative activity of β-galactosidase measured in calvaria extracts of 9w old WT, HET, and KO mice. ab: alveolar bone; br: brain; ca: calvaria; gp: growth plate; mc: Meckel cartilage; ns: nasal septum; ra: radius; sk: skin; ul: ulna.

Fig 2