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The osteogenic cell surface marker BRIL/IFITM5 is dispensable for bone development and homeostasis in mice

Fig 1

Generation and validation of the Bril KO;LacZ knockin mouse model.

A) Schematic representation of the strategy used for targeting the Bril gene. B) Representative Southern blot analysis of genomic DNA, restricted with SpeI, from wild type (WT), heterozygote (HET), and homozygote Bril KO mice. C) Bril expression as determined by RT-qPCR on total RNA extracted from humeri of 6w old WT, HET and KO mice. D) Western blot analyses of BRIL in proteins extracted from 6w old humeri (WT n = 4, KO n = 2) or calvaria (WT n = 5, KO n = 3). Ponceau S stained membranes (lower panels) are presented as a loading control.

Fig 1