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Infectious bronchitis corona virus establishes productive infection in avian macrophages interfering with selected antimicrobial functions

Fig 2

IBV M41 and Conn A5968 infections increase macrophage number in trachea and lungs.

Six days old SPF chickens were infected intra-tracheally as described in the materials and methods. At 4 dpi, the trachea and lungs were sampled and preserved in OCT for the quantification of macrophage numbers. The 5μm thick frozen sections were stained for macrophages using mouse anti-chicken macrophage primary antibody followed by the secondary anti-mouse antibody conjugated with Dylight 550®. An epifluorescence microscope was used for the quantification of macrophage in immunostained sections. Statistical analysis for identifying group differences was done based on ANOVA test setting the P value <0.05. Trachea and lung macrophage quantitative data, as well as representative immunofluorescent images from each treatment group are given.

Fig 2