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Bottles to trees: Plastic beverage bottles as an alternative nursery growing container for reforestation in developing countries

Fig 7

Afghan pine seedling field relative height (A) and diameter (B) growth based on the interaction between root spiraling prevention method and opacity treatments (P = 0.01). Abbreviations are: CB (control with black color), CC (control with clear color), CG (control with green color), RB (internal ridges with black color), RC (internal ridges with clear color), RG (internal ridges with green color), SB (side-slits with black color), SC (side-slits with clear color), and SG (side-slits with green color). Means (±SE) not accompanied by the same lowercase letters are significantly different (α = 0.05) according to Fisher’s LSD test. Relative growth was calculated based on the change in absolute height or diameter between final relative to the initial height or diameter of the seedling.

Fig 7