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An integrative analysis of tissue-specific transcriptomic and metabolomic responses to short-term dietary methionine restriction in mice

Fig 3

Pathway enrichment analysis based on transcriptomic response to MR.

(A) Examples of top-scoring KEGG pathways in IWAT and liver, identified by gene-set enrichment analysis (GSEA). The heatmaps show expression patterns for the genes contributing to core enrichment of ‘Fatty acid metabolism’ pathway in IWAT and ‘Complement cascade’ pathway in liver (blue and red indicated lower and higher expression levels, respectively. (B) Gene overlap among top-scoring pathways in IWAT. Up-regulated and down-regulated pathways in MR are shown in red and blue respectively. Pathways sharing >50% of their genes are connected via a green edge. (C) Overlap among top-scoring pathways based on gene expression data in liver. GSEA significant pathways (FDR<0.1) were analyzed via the Enrichment Map application in Cytoscape (v3.4.0) for identifying pathways with >50% overlap in their component genes. Pathways upregulated in MR-treated liver samples are shown in red and downregulated pathways are shown in blue.

Fig 3