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Patterns of change and continuity in ochre use during the late Middle Stone Age of the Horn of Africa: The Porc-Epic Cave record

Fig 8

Ochre raw material types.

(A, B) Soft fine-grained (SFG): PE725 and PE1942. (C, D) Banded fine-grained (BFG): PE1806 and PE2104. (E, F) Hard fine-grained (HFG): PE1734 and PE2282. (G, H) Coarse-grained (CG): PE809 and PE1666. (I; J) Ferruginous sandstone (FS): PE965 and PE1577. (K, L) Platy fine-grained (PFG): PE436 and PE1812. Scales of overall photos of the pieces = 1 cm.

Fig 8