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Gene expression patterns induced at different stages of rhinovirus infection in human alveolar epithelial cells

Fig 3

Gene expression analysis of the A549 cells infected with HRV.

Total RNA was extracted from both HRV-infected and mock-infected A549 cells and hybridized to GeneChip PrimeView GeneChip Arrays. (A) Hierarchical cluster and heat map analysis of HRV-affected genes. Horizontal clusters shows genes and clusters in the columns represent samples (samples represent by 1 and orange color are virus infected and samples show by 2 and in green represent mock-infected samples). The DEGs in response to HRV infection were filtered here at p-value ≤ 0.05 and with a fold change of two and above (One-Way Between-Subject ANOVA (unpaired)). Genes shown in red were up-regulated, while genes shown in green were down-regulated, in HRV-infected compared to mock-infected cells. (B) Summary of DE genes induced by HRV72. The DE genes were determined at four time points by filtering of the genes at p-value ≤ 0.05 and with a fold change of 1.5. (C) Venn diagram showing overlap of DEGs in HRV-infected cells compared with mock-infected A459 cells with 1.5-fold (p-value ≤ 0.05). (D) Number of overlap genes in different combination of time points are presented in the table.

Fig 3