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The 9aaTAD Is Exclusive Activation Domain in Gal4

Fig 4

Schema of the Gal4 regulation.

Competition of Gal4 inhibitor Gal80 with mediators of transcription for the 9aaTAD domain. The peptides from S.c.Gal4 and K.l.Gal9 (Gal4 ortholog) interacting with Gal80 are shown (structural data for peptides interaction at PDB accession code 3E1K and 3BTS). The positions of activation domains 9aaTAD in the Gal80 binding peptides are highlighted (14 amino acid long Gal4 region is needed for maximal activation of transcription, construct H577, including the nine amino acid long 9aaTAD motif and four adjacent amino acids to the N-terminus and one to the C-terminus of the activation domain 9aaTAD). The artificial activation domains AD-I, AD-II and AD-III are not more shown in this figure.

Fig 4