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Neural Crest Migration and Survival Are Susceptible to Morpholino-Induced Artifacts

Fig 5

Fscn1aMO induced tp53-independent cell death in NC cells.

(A) Lateral and dorsal cranial views of 28 hpf tp53zdf1 mutant embryos injected with coMO or fscn1aMO and stained with AO. Arrowheads highlight AO-positive cells adjacent to neural tube. (B) Lateral view of 24 hpf Tg(sox10:rfpmb) embryo injected with tp53MO plus fscn1aMO and stained with AO. Numbers correspond to NC streams. Arrows indicate regions of RFP-positive/AO-positive cells. e; eye, nt; neural tube. In all lateral views or dorsal cranial views, anterior is to the left or bottom, respectively. Experiments in this figure were performed independently at least three times with similar results.

Fig 5