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Performance of Streck cfDNA Blood Collection Tubes for Liquid Biopsy Testing

Fig 3

Mutation background analysis of study cohort I using BEAMing and Safe-SeqS.

(A) Mutation background was assessed using BEAMing for 6 KRAS mutations (c.34G>A, c.34G>C, c.34G>T, c.35G>A, c.183A>T, c.437C>T) in presumably healthy wild-type donors (n = 60). Samples were stored at room temperature. Shown are scatter dot plots with mean values (horizontal line). One-way ANOVA statistics revealed no statistical significance between conditions. (B) Safe-SeqS was applied to analyze base changes in five c-KIT amplicons from healthy donor blood samples stored in K2EDTA tubes and cfDNA BCTs at RT for the indicated time (n = 15). In total, 553 bases were analyzed per sample (171 As (31%), 105 Cs (19%), 110 Gs (20%) and 167 Ts (30%)). §: 1 event detected for K2EDTA 2 h C>G; #: 0 events detected for cfDNA BCT 5 d G>C.

Fig 3