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Characterization of Triticum aestivum Abscisic Acid Receptors and a Possible Role for These in Mediating Fusairum Head Blight Susceptibility in Wheat

Fig 2

The ABA Analog Activity Profiles of Ta_PYL2DS_FL are different than AtPYL5.

AtABI1 and TaABI1 (AB238930.1) activity is regulated by wheat Ta_PYL2DS_FL and Arabidopsis AtPYL5 ABA receptors against various enantiomeric ABA analog pairs. A) The structures for (+)- and (-)- ABA, as well as (+)-analogs are shown. The corresponding (-)-analogs are not shown. B) Activities in the presence of (S) or (+)–enantiomers; C) Activities in the presence of (R)- or (-) enantiomers. The protein phosphatase activity was analyzed at a constant molar ratio of receptor to PP2C of 10:1 in vitro at a constant analog concentration of 0.1 μM (n = 3). Blue and Red bars show activity for Ta_PYL2DS_FL against TaABI1 and AtABI1 respectively. Green and Purple bars show activity for AtPYL5 against AtABI1 and TaABI1 respectively.

Fig 2