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A Rationally Designed TNF-α Epitope-Scaffold Immunogen Induces Sustained Antibody Response and Alleviates Collagen-Induced Arthritis in Mice

Fig 4

The molecular dynamics of DTNF proteins.

(A) Left panel: Molecular dynamic simulation of DTNF proteins. The secondary structure conformation was shown for residues belong to TNF-α epitope and DTT at positions 97–111. Right panel: Pie charts showing fraction of time the amino acid residue adopting indicated conformation during 300 ns simulation. (B)(C)(D) The RMSF trajectories of DTT and DTNF proteins. (E) Molecular dynamic simulation of the tertiary structure of DTNF7. The dashed circle highlights the positions of TNF-α epitope peptide at indicated time.

Fig 4