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ePGA: A Web-Based Information System for Translational Pharmacogenomics

Fig 5

Translation process.

(A) Haplotype table for the UGT1A5 as downloaded from PharmGKB. (B) The modified UGT1A5 haplotype table by completing Step 1 (i,ii,iii sub-steps). (C) Numerical form of the UGT1A5 haplotype table. (D) UGT1A5 diplotypes (all combinations of haplotypes) with their numerically coded values. (E) An example of PGx variant annotation table with major and minor alleles as stated by PharmGKB. (F) A sample genotype profile. (G) The transformed, numerically coded, sample genotype profile described in Step 3. (H) The numerically coded sample diplotype to be matched.

Fig 5