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Neuregulin-1 Administration Protocols Sufficient for Stimulating Cardiac Regeneration in Young Mice Do Not Induce Somatic, Organ, or Neoplastic Growth

Fig 6

Administration of rNRG1 in neonatal mice does not alter organ growth.

Mice underwent cryoinjury on day of life 1 (P1) and received daily BSA or rNRG1 injections between day of life 0 and 35 (early, A-E) and day of life 5 and 35 (late, F-J). (A, F) Lung weights of rNRG1 mice were significantly lower at day of life 211 in late administration (F). (B-E, G-J) Spleen (B, G), liver (C, H), kidney (D, I), and brain (E, J) weights were not significantly different. Statistical analysis by Student’s t test (J) and analysis of variance (ANOVA) followed by Bonferroni’s multiple comparison test (A-I). *P<0.05.

Fig 6