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Biodiversity and Biogeography of Chthamalid Barnacles from the North-Eastern Pacific (Crustacea Cirripedia)

Fig 20

Chthamalus panamensis from Avenida Amador, Naos Island, Panama.

SEMs. A-F, cirrus I, with details of serrulate setae in B, C, D, F on rami and pappose setae (E) on basipodite. G–K, cirrus II, showing details of: H, bidenticulate setae with basal guards; I, serrulate setae on first segments of anterior and posterior rami; J, K, pappose setae on basipodite. L, cirrus III (left and right pair), note the difference in length of anterior and posterior rami. M, intermediate segments of posterior ramus of cirrus III. N, intermediate segmenst of anterior ramus of cirrus III. O-P, cirrus IV, with detail of intermediate segment in P. Q-S, cirrus VI, with details of intermediate segments in (S) and (R). Scale bars in μm.

Fig 20