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Magnetoencephalography Reveals a Widespread Increase in Network Connectivity in Idiopathic/Genetic Generalized Epilepsy

Fig 3

Group comparison of functional connectivity in IGE and healthy controls in high-resolution networks.

IGE/GGE patients show clusters of increased connectivity in the beta1 (12–20 Hz) and beta2 (21–29 Hz) bands. In beta1 band, the clusters were mainly located at the left superior temporal gyrus (p = 0.004), the right inferior temporal gyrus (p = 0.011), and the left middle frontal gyrus (p = 0.029). In the beta2 band, four significant clusters were found, located mainly at the left middle frontal gyrus (p = 0.0003), the left fusiform gyrus (p = 0.002), the triangular part of the left inferior frontal guys (p = 0.005) and the right postcentral gyrus (p = 0.034).

Fig 3