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Magnetoencephalography Reveals a Widespread Increase in Network Connectivity in Idiopathic/Genetic Generalized Epilepsy

Fig 2

Global network characteristics in high-resolution and low-resolution networks.

A) Nodal strength in high-resolution networks B) weighted normalized clustering coefficient in high-resolution networks C) weighted normalized characteristic path length in high-resolution networks D) nodal strength in low-resolution networks E) weighted normalized clustering coefficient in low-resolution networks F) weighted normalized characteristic path length in low-resolution networks. Plots show the medians and the interquartile range across participants in each group. The stars indicate the significant statistical difference between the IGE and healthy control groups using the Mann-Whitney U test. Patients show a significant increase in the nodal strength in both beta1 (p = 0.003) and beta2 (p = 0.0003) bands in high-resolution, as well as in the low-resolution networks (p = 0.005 and p = 0.0003 respectively). Patients also show a significantly lower characteristic path length in the beta2 band in high-resolution network (p = 0.013).

Fig 2