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The Chromone Alkaloid, Rohitukine, Affords Anti-Cancer Activity via Modulating Apoptosis Pathways in A549 Cell Line and Yeast Mitogen Activated Protein Kinase (MAPK) Pathway

Fig 4

(a) RT-PCR analysis of Slt2 and Hog1 gene in budding yeast after drug treatment (i:Untreated control, ii: drug treated) (b) The expression of Slt2 and Hog1 mRNA, expressed as the ratio of densitometric measurement of the sample to the corresponding internal control (β-actin) (i: Untreated control, ii: drug treated) (c) Docking studies of Rohitukine with human two different type of member of MAPK pathway. (i) p38 (Hog1 in S. cerevisiae) and (ii) ERK5 (Slt2 in S. cerevisiae).

Fig 4