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Sparse Spectro-Temporal Receptive Fields Based on Multi-Unit and High-Gamma Responses in Human Auditory Cortex

Fig 1

Locations of electrode recording sites within the superior temporal plane.

(A) MRI lateral-view rendering of a typical human left hemisphere. The Sylvian fissure is not visible from the cortical surface. The superior temporal plane was revealed along a section oriented at an oblique horizontal plane (solid red line with razor blade inset). (B) MRI rendering of superior temporal plane viewed from superior aspect. Light blue shading denotes the location of the obliquely oriented Heschl’s gyrus. The estimated locations of four recording sites selected from three different subjects (S140, S151, and S178) were projected to the surface of this illustrative brain and marked with filled red circles. MRI cross-sectional images containing the recording sites were obtained from sections oriented at an oblique frontal plane (solid green lines with razor blade inset), approximately perpendicular to the long axis of Heschl’s gyrus. (C) Line drawings of MRI cross sections show the position of the recording sites within the grey matter of Heschl’s gyrus for individual subjects.

Fig 1