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CD8+ T Cell Response to Gammaherpesvirus Infection Mediates Inflammation and Fibrosis in Interferon Gamma Receptor-Deficient Mice

Fig 6

Reduced CD8+ and effector CD8+ T cells are observed in absence of M1 expression.

8–12 week old IFNγR-/- C57Bl/6 mice were intranasally infected with 1x105 pfu MHV68 (WT or M1st) and sacrificed at 28 days post infection. Whole lungs were harvested and assessed for presence of CD8+ T cell populations and effector function (n = 5 mice/group). Mean and std. error are shown for (A) absolute number of lung and CD8+ T cells, (B&C) absolute number of tetramer specific and peptide responsive CD8+ T cells, with MFI of cytokine expression, (D) absolute number of Vβ4+ CD8+ T cells and M1 responsive CD8+ T cells. Statistics were measured using a Mann-Whitney 2 tailed test (* P = 0.0119, ** P = 0.0079, * P = <0.0004).

Fig 6