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The Ecuadorian Artisanal Fishery for Large Pelagics: Species Composition and Spatio-Temporal Dynamics

Fig 1

Spatial extent and summary statistics for the Ecuadorian artisanal fishery for large pelagics.

(a) Geographical location of longline sets. Blue dots correspond to sets by nodrizas (n = 6,821, 2007–2012; SCM captain logbook records) and red dots to independent fibras (n = 244, 2010–2013; SCM onboard observer records) (see text for fleet component descriptions); (b) number of boats by fleet class in each port (SRP-VMAP-MAGAP 2013 artisanal fishery census data). Summary statistics for the SCM dataset used in this study by fishing port (2008–2012): (c) number of trips by fleet class and (d) number of trips by gear type. LL-DOL: longline gear targeting dolphinfish; LL-TBS: longline gear targeting the tuna-billfish-shark; LL-NCL: unclassified longline gear; GN: surface gillnet; GEARoth: other gear.

Fig 1