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Genetic Basis and Functional Consequences of Differential Expression of the CmeABC Efflux Pump in Campylobacter jejuni Isolates

Fig 4

Expression of CmeR in various isolates and its correlation with CmeABC expression.

(A) Immunoblotting of whole cell proteins from NCTC 11168 (lane 1), clinical isolates (lanes 2–9), and 11168ΔcmeR (lane 10) with the anti-CmeR antibody. The clinical isolates in lanes 2 to 9 are M63885, CT9:7, CB2:6, CB2:8, CB2:11, S13530, T37957A, and X7199, respectively. (B) Immunoblotting of whole cell proteins from 11168ΔcmeR (lane 1), CT2:2 (lane 2), and NCTC 11168 (lanes 3) with anti-CmeR, anti-CmeB, and anti-CmeA antibodies.

Fig 4