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QuorUM: An Error Corrector for Illumina Reads

Table 1

Percent of false 31-mers remaining and true 31-mers missing in error corrected reads.

The numbers for “false remain” and “true missing” in the table are percentages. We list the denominators used for the percentages in the headers of each of these columns. For the “false remain”, this denominator is the number of the false 31-mers in the original reads and for the “true missing”, it is the number of 31-mers in the reference. The “score” π = the product of the “false remain” and “true missing” columns. QuorUM’s π score is the best with a factor of 30, 15, and 3.5 better than the second best for Rhodobacter, Staphylococcus and Mouse C16 data sets respectively.

Table 1