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Correlates of Total Sedentary Time and Screen Time in 9–11 Year-Old Children around the World: The International Study of Childhood Obesity, Lifestyle and the Environment

Fig 2

Mean total sedentary time (SED) and screen time (ST) score.

Mean accelerometer measured SED (Panel A) and self-reported ST (Panel B) for boys (light grey bars), and girls (white bars). Black bars (boys) and dark grey bars (girls) represent overall sample means. Panel A: Accelerometer measured total sedentary time (SED) (hours/day) across all 12 ISCOLE sites (*indicates sites where girls engaged in significantly more SED than boys, p<0.05). Panel B: Self-reported screen time (ST) score across all 12 ISCOLE country sites (in all sites boys had significantly higher values for ST than girls, p<0.05).

Fig 2