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Childhood Adversity Is Associated with Adult Theory of Mind and Social Affiliation, but Not Face Processing

Fig 4

Associations between individual adversity exposure and social cognition / social affiliation measures.

Results are given in terms of Cohen’s d by exposure (exposed versus non-exposed), controlling for influence of age, sex, and race/ethnicity on each dependent measure. Solid lines give 95% confidence intervals for Cohen’s d. Three asterisks indicate associations that were significant based on independent samples-t-test at p < 0.00033 (Bonferroni corrected for all comparisons), two asterisks indicate associations significant at p < 0.002 (Bonferroni corrected for number of adversities), and one asterisk indicates nominal significance at p < 0.05. As in the previous analysis, a number of childhood adversities robustly predicted theory of mind ability, social motivation, and social support, but none predicted face discrimination or face memory at above nominal levels of significance.

Fig 4