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The Taxonomic Status of Mazama bricenii and the Significance of the Táchira Depression for Mammalian Endemism in the Cordillera de Mérida, Venezuela

Fig 5

Phylogenetic tree of cytochrome-b sequences of Mazama from the northern Andes.

This is the best topology resulting from the maximum-likelihood analysis. Nodal support is indicated at each node, except when the involved relationship received negligible support. Bootstrap values (from the maximum likelihood analysis) and posterior probabilities (from the Bayesian inference analysis) are indicated before and after the slash (“/”). Three topotypes (one M. “bricenii” and two M. rufina) are indicated with bold type (see detailed locality information in S1 File). The length of each sequence (number of base pairs, bp) is indicated at each terminal label. Asterisks denote sequences obtained from DNA extracted from museum specimens; all other sequences were downloaded from GenBank.

Fig 5