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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Can Diminish Fibromyalgia Syndrome – Prospective Clinical Trial

Fig 7

The effect of significance index normalization.

A) Normalized BA histogram of mean relative changes. The figure is similar to Fig 6 but the Y-axis is for the normalized values, that is for Iσ(n)* <Rchange>(n) and not for <Rchange>(n) that are used in Fig 6. The BAs within the rectangles are the ones with normalized mean relative changes smaller than -0.6 or larger than +0.6. B) The two dimensional scatter plot Iσ(n) vs. Iσ(n)* <Rchange>(n) for the patients of the response group following the HBOT period. C) Similar scatter plot for the patients in the crossover group following the control period. The color code in (B) and (C) is the same as in (A). The funnel shaped black curve is a fit of the results in (B) to a reciprocal Lorentzian curve: f(x) = {Xmax- γ*[π*(γ2+x2)]-1} with Xmax = 0.95, γ = 0.335.

Fig 7