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A Paleolatitude Calculator for Paleoclimate Studies

Fig 3

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In the top panel, site latitude and longitude is required (in decimal degrees), the age of the site, and the lower and upper age bounds. Center panel shows the paleolatitude with error bars in the period between the upper and lower bounds. The option ‘compute for full age range’ will calculate a paleolatitude curve using the full age range of the plate (fragment) on which the chosen site is located, which will appear in the center panel. Second tab in the center panel will provide a table with an output file for paleolatitudes with error bounds in the chosen time interval. Note that at the location of this site (e.g., close to a mid-ocean ridge) the plate may not have existed throughout this entire history. The bottom panel shows the location of the site on the modern topographic world map, as well as the plate (fragment) on which the site is located. Reprinted from under a CC BY license, with permission from S.J. van Schaik, original copyright 2014.

Fig 3