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A Paleolatitude Calculator for Paleoclimate Studies

Fig 2

(A) Map with the main lithospheric fragments that have moved independently relative to surrounding fragments in the past 200 Ma. (B) Plate circuit of all fragments shown in A. Rotation parameters relative to South Africa (701) are given for all fragments in Online Appendices 1–3. Names of all elements are given in Table 1. Rotation parameters are taken from (i) ref [20], or ref [18], or ref [34], depending on the reference frame; (ii) ref [14]; (iii) ref [5860]; (iv) ref [67]; (v) ref [57]; (vi) ref [61]; (vii) ref [62]. Italic number 1–14 indicate the locations of the sites used for a case study on Eocene meridional temperature, see Fig 5, and Table 2.

Fig 2