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A Hydrodynamic Instability Is Used to Create Aesthetically Appealing Patterns in Painting

Fig 9

Dispersion relation of the black/white layer.

Results shown for At = 0.05 and H1 = 2.0 mm and H2 = 1.2 mm. The continuous line shows the dispersion relation from considering the confined fluid layer; The dashed line shows the dispersion relation from a triple fluid layer, considering air properties for the upper most layer. The vertical gray line shows the experimental measurements of the mean blob size from Fig 5. The vertical dashed lines (blue and red) show the measurements of blob sizes from ‘Collective Suicide’ [14] and ‘The Birth of Fascism’ [11], (respectively). Note that both n and k are shown in dimensionless form, considering, (g2 ρ1/μ1)−1/3 and (gρ12/μ12)1/3 respectively.

Fig 9