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Multi-Parametric MRI at 14T for Muscular Dystrophy Mice Treated with AAV Vector-Mediated Gene Therapy

Fig 5

Systemic administration of rAAV6-μDys improves some functional properties of EDL muscles in dystrophic mice.

(A) The maximum peak isometric force-producing capacity of EDL muscles was unchanged among wild-type, untreated, and treated mice. (B) Treatment did not improve the peak isometric-force-producing capacity of EDL muscles as normalized for cross-sectional area (wild-type, 250 ± 10; mdx, 149 ± 18; treated mdx, 182 ± 12 kN/m2). (C) The muscles of treated mice show improved resistance to contraction-induced injury when subjected to consecutive eccentric contractions of 20% beyond optimal muscle length. Bars represent the mean ± SEM percentage of the initial optimal muscle contraction. Treated muscles were significantly (*P < 0.05; ***P < 0.001) protected from contraction-induced injury when compared to mdx mice. (D) A comparison of the fourth versus the first contraction demonstrates response to injury following treatment was significantly improved over untreated mdx. n = 7 for WT; n = 8 for mdx; and n = 4 for mdx T. Error bars represent SEM.

Fig 5